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I really recommend!
I’m very grateful to have found Amrita. Through virtual Reiki sessions she’s helping me learn more about myself, my energies and how to heal and let go especially from old wounds. The hour long sessions are so relaxing along with the music and sounds. I also love the advice for getting crystals which also have been helping greatly. Thank you!

~ Jeannine A.

Thanks for the wonderful experience.
Amrita is a very sweet person , she explains the process of healing . After the reiki session I felt very relaxed and calm, it helps me sleep peacefully without anxiety. The sessions with Amrita are helping me so much that I will continue taking the sessions with her.
~ Susan Mancheno
The hands-down best experience I’ve ever had!
I’ve been to hundreds of meditations, yoga classes, even chakra healing classes. None of them are even an echo of one Reiki and sound healing session here! Even if you have never heard of any energy work, give this place a try. Pain, depression, anxiety, attachment issues, overwhelmed, something weighing on you? Going here will help. Honestly, I refer everyone I know here. Better than a spa day! Better than all the self-help books. I couldn’t recommend higher.
~ April A.
My first session with Amrita was incredible.
She explained everything before we began and answered all of my questions. I felt so tired after she finished and slept for 10 hours, which I never do. I slept through the whole night so peacefully. I woke up the next day feeling so relaxed and calm. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment with Amrita soon. Thank you again for everything. I appreciate it!
~ Harman Kaur
I am so grateful to have found Amrita!

She is an incredible reiki healer, with both an amazing natural gift and also very extensive training and knowledge.

She’s intuitive and compassionate, and takes lots of time to speak with you before reiki and sound healing— learning about you as a person and about the things you might be dealing with and what you might hope to get from reiki. She helps you picture and move toward your best self and best life. Her sessions are an amazing combination of extremely powerful reiki, beautiful sound healing with many sound healing bowls and instruments, use of healing stones and cleansing, peaceful music, and more. She also is super intuitive and will share any messages or images or feelings she received during the session. She checks in both immediately after the session, connecting about how you both felt during the reiki, and in the following days. It has been extremely healing for me already, after just two sessions. I can’t wait to go back each time.

Her presence and personality is super calming, kind, welcoming, and healing. You will feel incredibly safe and secure and cared for while working on your healing with her. She is just absolutely amazing! Again, I am so grateful to have found her and could not recommend her highly enough.

~ Hilary Westgate
I love Reiki with Amrita
I highly recommend her services. She is very gifted with many abilities which can help you to align with your higher self. When you feel out of balance or trying to get rid of negative energy she can definitely help. She can help you heal and work on your traumas. Amrita is amazing.
~ Agi Lipka
Reiki with Amrita was a magical experience.

The feeling during the process of reiki was amazing. Amrita is a great human and she made this process worthwhile.

~ Super Cris

I have been to Reiki and Soul Healing several times.
…and each visit has been more helpful than the last. Amrita has a very gentle and calming demeanor that quickly puts you at ease, and she also creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety while giving Reiki. She truly listens as I talk about my concerns and issues and then we talk about my experience after it is complete. After each session, I’ve come away renewed and full of energy. Also, I have had the deepest, soundest sleep ever! I highly recommend Amrita to anyone seeking the healing power of Reiki. I know you will be pleased with the results.
~ LL Carter
I feel blessed to have found Amrita.
…in my quest for balancing and healing mind, body and spirit. She is a kind and gentle soul with genuine passion for helping others. Prior to the in-person Reiki session, she went over the whole process to ensure I was comfortable and aware of what to expect during the session. Feeling so relaxed and at peace I did not realized how much time went by. It was an amazing uplifting experience. Thank you Amrita for sharing your powerful healing energies and spiritual guidance. I look forward to my next session.
~ Alice Robertson

I was a little nervous getting Reiki for the first time.

Amrita made the process very comforting. Going in to my first session I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but I have issues with anxiety and figured it is worth a try. After my first visit i definitely believe in reiki healing. I could feel the heat of her healing me. Im still currently working with her for my anxiety but it definitely helps you relax. Amrita usually is spot on with her oracle card readings as well. I would definitely recommend Amrita for anyone interested in reiki.
~ Jessie
Amrita made you me feel comfortable, relaxed & at ease.
This was my first experience with reiki and did not know what to expect. I called and spoke with Amrita and she put my mind at ease that this was something worth looking into. She provided me with all the information but most importantly she was honest about what to expect. I have gone to a couple of sessions and not only did I welcome this new journey, Amrita made you me feel comfortable, relaxed & at ease that I made the right decision to explore reiki & sound healing. I have recommended her to my friends and will recommended her to anyone that would like to consider a holistic healing approach. Amrita is a gentle soul and once you meet her you will feel her positive energy. I guarantee you won’t regret at least trying a session with her.
~ Andrea De Olio
Spoiler alert: She was amazing!
…in my quest for balancing and healing mind, body and spirit. She is a kind and gentle soul with genuine passion for helping others. Prior to the in-person Reiki session, she went over the whole process to ensure I was comfortable and aware of what to expect during the session. Feeling so relaxed and at peace I did not realized how much time went by. It was an amazing uplifting experience. Thank you Amrita for sharing your powerful healing energies and spiritual guidance. I look forward to my next session.
~ Phoenix
I’m so happy I found Amrita.
She has been an incredibly helpful guide on my journey to healing. I always leave her service feeling renewed and peaceful. This was my first time trying Reiki, and I will definitely be returning.
~ Pranzata
She was spot on with her findings.
I was gifted a Reiki and healing session by a friend and it was such a great gift! Before the session Amrita explained what she would do and I felt very comfortable and connected with her, the whole session was very relaxing for me and a new experience (even though I had read about it before). She was spot on with her findings and I’m very appreciative of her recommendations. She also followed up with me after the session and kindly answered additional questions I had. I’m looking forward to trying more of her services and also gifting them to friends! If you haven’t tried this, i highly suggest you do.
~ Nancy
Amrita is a wonderful Reiki practitioner.

… and lovely human. She makes you feel very comfortable during the sessions, really listens to you, and the experience is very unique. I love how she tailors the sound healing towards what your body needs that day. Highly recommend!

~ Alex Jasko
I am beyond grateful I came across Amrita.

Amrita is very kind, she is the type of person who brings positive energy around you. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can tell she genuinely cares about your well-being. I am very excited for my healing journey and will continue to see her.

~ Karina Martinez
What an experience.
This was my first time doing reiki and like many others have alluded to, Amrita made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process. Amrita took the time to explain the entire process and answered all my questions along with having me think about my intention for the session. It’s safe to say that this experience was life changing for me. Amrita was deeply committed to guiding my energy to where it needed to be. I felt so safe during the entire session and this allowed me to completely let go and be my most authentic and vulnerable self. Amrita said that I would be doing all the healing but this healing would not be possible if it wasn’t for the safe space that was created for me. Thank you, Amrita for an amazing experience. I highly recommend Reiki and Soul Healing.
~ Solonica Pabla
She is very thorough and detailed with such a kind, inviting soul.
I’ve always wanted to have a Reiki session and I am very fortunate to have had my first 2 with Amrita. She is very thorough and detailed with such a kind, inviting soul. She made it a point to explain every aspect of the session so that I understood what would happen and she had even more information after the therapy as well. She helped with opening up my chakras, healing, crystal knowledge, and so much more! The sound bath during the session brought it to a whole other level. I will definitely book another session with her and have already recommended for others to try Reiki as well! Thank you so much Amrita! You are a blessing!
~ Kat Poshmark
She has helped me so much in my healing.
I have done three sessions in total, but two different ones with Amrita. My first one was soul healing after the session I felt peace and very relaxed. That same night I sign up for Reiki and soul healing. She has helped me so much in my healing. The gift she has is amazing. I don’t mind, traveling from Pennsylvania to New Jersey just for my sessions because I know she is worth it. She does explain everything. If you are on a journey to find your higher self. I recommend Amrita.
~ Melinda Hodge
I am now a loyal fan.
OK so I must admit that I was extremely nervous this was my first time visiting a Reiki healer and I didn’t know much about sound healing. I didn’t know what to expect and a little concerned about going to someone’s home. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised! Amrita greeted me at the door with a smile that warmed my heart immediately. Her home is absolutely beautiful. Most of all the energy in the room was calm, peaceful and inviting. Amrita is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot from her. She confirmed many things I have experienced. She guided me on how to begin my healing journey. I am now a loyal fan. I have since been back for a one on one session and I will continue trust in Amrita as my guide to a better me.
~ Cynthia Edwards
Amrita is honestly incredible.
I started my reiki healing with her practice and it’s has been such an worth while journey. She teaches and listens without judgement. She sends clear instructions and follows up with me. I’m so happy I found Reiki and Soul Healing. I’m so truly grateful
~ Eboni Retemiah
A life-changing experience for me.
Finding Amrita and doing Reiki and Sound healing with her has been a life changing experience for me. I have gone three times now. Twice with a group of friends and the most recent was a one on one session and each session has brought a different, profound experience that was beyond my expectations or understanding before I had experienced it. I left feeling a love and trust in myself that I had never been capable of before. Amrita is a wonderful and talented practitioner. I went to her because I was purchasing a package for a friend’s birthday and the location was the most central to the group of us. I am so thankful that we chose her. I loved that she has a background in Pharmacy, so it was not just New Age beliefs, but a combination of science and the metaphysical. The inner skeptic in me, liked knowing that she believed in science too. I have done a combined session of guided meditation, reiki, and sound healing and I highly recommend anyone who has the means, do the same. Her space is warm and welcoming, as is Amrita. She never puts any pressure on you, either. All of my friends and I all had a wonderful experience with her, and it was extremely affirming to see her talk to them about things I knew to be true about them, even though she hadn’t met them before the session. I am already figuring out when I can go back again, because I am completely hooked. If you are on the fence about trying it, you are reading my review right now for a reason, buy a package, make an appointment, you will not regret it.
~ Jamie Robin
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!
Yes, great experience with my 1st in-person Reiki Session with you! I was literally able to sense the healing vibrations in your hands and felt the energy movement from head to toe. I loved the music you played and the ambiance of the whole session was endearing. Being a Reiki Master myself, I understand that every one will experience this energy differently based on how open they are to receive the divine assistance through you in their healing. Also, I looooved the Virtual Meditation Session! By the end of the session, I was totally relaxed and went into a dreamlike state and I longed to stayyyyyy there😃 I am looking forward to my next session for which I would like to visit your house as I would love a sound bath with your Singing Bowl Set! I wish you success in your journey on this planet and admire your effort in serving the greater cause with your presence and healing hands.
~ Satwant Banga
Really relaxing and helps you align your energies.
Amrita’s sound therapy with Reikhi is really relaxing and helps you align your energies. I loved the experience of sounds from alchemy crystal bowl and ocean drum sound waves. She is quite experienced and knows exactly what you need.
~ Arthi M.
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